Adventures in Fostering

Day 6: Luna


When I spoke about bringing Luna home on Day 1, I talked a little about the introduction process for your dogs and a foster, but what about the decision to foster in the first place?

You want to consider all members of your family when deciding if adding a foster would be a good idea. All humans should be able to voice their support and concerns about fostering, and all animal companions should have their needs advocated for and considered before thinking about fostering. Some dogs do not like to share their people and will resent it, and potentially act out. No need to rock the boat in that instance!

I have adopted two wonderful, but very different dogs from GLWR. For me, I had to consider Zeke’s needs first in deciding to foster. Zeke is the first dog I adopted from GLWR. He has a background of severe abuse and neglect. So badly that he came into GLWR rescue after Animal Control seized him and he was taken from his owner. Zeke’s recovery time before he could be touched by humans or wanted to be around them took months. I didn’t want to do anything that would set him back in his progress towards becoming a well-balanced dog. So we approached fostering with enthusiasm, but slow caution.

Zeke has developed into an alpha male. It turns out that for the most part (13 out of 14 dogs to date!) Zeke has really enjoyed being a foster brother, and he even shows dogs the ropes, keeps order for youngsters, and feels protective of older dogs. He is not perfect by any means, but he has come a very long way and I am so proud of him!

My other dog GLWR Asko is pretty much indifferent to everything except for the ball he is playing fetch with. If the dog likes to play fetch and is as fast as he is, he doesn’t enjoy the competition. Other than that, he’s a cupcake and loves everyone dog and human. He is so mellow that he is always the first introduction so that I can anticipate how Zeke will do with the new dog.

When a new foster dog comes into our home, I usually take a picture of everyone in the kitchen on the wood floor, so I can announce our new furry friend to everyone!

The snap shot from Luna’s arrival is below. I think it speaks volumes about her personality, she’s just happy to be here, while my guys are annoyed that taking the picture took so long as it’s delaying the inevitable treats. (Asko is the big blue boy on the left, Zeke in the center, and Luna on the right.)

If you have treats, we have dogs! If you’re interested in fostering, please visit the website for more information.