Adventures in Fostering

Day 1: Luna


Hi everyone, this is Rachel! I’m the Applications Coordinator for GLWR. If you’ve adopted from GLWR in the last two years you’ve probably exchanged email or a phone call with me! I wanted to share a little about what it’s like to foster for GLWR because we get so many questions about it.

We received a text from a friend of the rescue that there was a Weimaraner in need of rescue. We contacted the owner and convinced them to surrender her to us instead of giving her away through Facebook or Craigslist. Sadly this has become a very common practice.

In preparation for her arrival I puppy-proofed the house: counters are clean, remotes are put away, anything sentimental or valuable has been locked down, all dog toys have been picked up until we determine the new dog is good at sharing, and a crate has been setup.

The goals for day one are to meet my dogs (GLWR Alums Zeke and Asko), begin to acclimate to my house rules, and to not have any accidents since she it potty-trained.

All went swimmingly. Literally, Luna is a great and enthusiastic swimmer! When she first got home we slowly got her acclimated to the yard, then introduced GLWR Alum Asko who is a large but really friendly dog. They did very well together and got to play for a good fifteen minutes or so before we introduced GLWR Alum Zeke. Zeke is an alpha male and can be more intense in introductions. Both Zeke and Luna did great and they very quickly moved onto to chase and wrestling. After an hour of intense play and exploration in the yard and some swimming we moved inside.

Typically I put a baby gate up so that the new dog is always in view and can’t sneak off to misbehave. Luna was no exception. We’ll keep the upstairs and downstairs off limits for now until she proves herself. The dogs did great coming indoors and Luna was curious about everything. She is going to be a dog whose nose will get her in trouble!

Because I work outside of the home and will need to crate Luna during the week, we then practiced crating for an hour. Big treats for getting in the crate every single time! Luna did great, but never fell asleep, while my guys snored away. I answered emails and stayed close to Luna in the crate so that she wasn’t worried about where I was.

Overall it was a great day and Luna is an amazing pup. She needs to be spayed and vaccinated and have a negative heartworm test before she can be put up for adoption. This will allow us some time to continue to assess what type of home will be best for her, and to work on some more obedience.

Tomorrow we'll keep working on all of the same goals and try and get some better pictures. Clearly we don't have a photography requirement for fosters!

We never have as many foster families as we have dogs that need to be in foster, so if you’re interested in fostering, please visit the website for more information: