Adventures in Fostering

Luna's Spay Day


Finally the big day arrived for Luna’s surgery, so we packed her up for the car ride to CSNIP ( The staff at CSNIP were amazing and Luna was done with surgery before we knew it! They have an incredible operation (see what I did there!) and they had a zillion surgeries lined up for the day we were there, but everyone was handled efficiently and happily.

Then, recovery.

I left with a healthy, happy, young Weimaraner on drugs and only a flimsy cone to keep her safe from herself for the next seven days.

Activity restrictions for a young, healthy Weim living with two other young, healthy Weims is a nightmare for both the dog and the owner.

I’ve been through this once before as a foster and the results were not great. I’ve included a picture of Ivy (aka Princess Ivy the Terrible was her affectionate nickname for a variety of reasons!) below for comparison.

This time I was better prepared. Luna’s foster brothers have attended doggy daycare so that there is less temptation to wrestle all day, every day. I happened to have some time off, so I’ve been at home to supervise her and keep her occupied which means less time in the “Cone of Shame”. We had lots of puzzles and enrichment toys on hand. Luna loves car rides and she sleeps once we hit the highway, so we ran lots of errands. We’re creeping through the recovery period, so far without major incident. There has been a little bit of swelling due to more activity than we should have had, but she’s a 2 year old Weim! So there has also been lots of cuddling on the couch with a cool pack on her belly in the evenings.

Luna has now been with me for a period of several weeks. We are totally in love with her, and often comment on how well she gets along with her foster brothers and everyone else she meets. At this point we know her well enough to pick a wonderful family for her to be adopted out to! They happen to be nearby so we had a pre-adoption visit last weekend and all went very well. We are targeting an adoption this weekend!

As Luna’s time with me comes to a close I find myself savoring the moments we have. How many more cuddles on the couch do we have? Is this the last time she’ll roll on her back in the grass in the sun on the hill in the front yard? How many more times will she come bursting out of the woods when I call her name? Why is she playing with that bush that I put in the compost pile? What is in her mouth?!? Ack!

I had the opportunity to have lunch with Tonette, GLWR’s amazing Executive Director yesterday, and I started fishing to see who she thinks might benefit from going into foster next. Originally I thought Boomer would be coming home, but he got adopted last weekend to people who saw through his absolute lack of manners into his heart of gold! Now my heart is pulled by Max and Bailey, who are both so painfully shy, and need some love and encouragement to blossom. But then there is Raven, she is absolutely lovely once she warms up, but she has been shown to prospective adopters over and over and keeps gets passed over because she barks and is hesitant to greet people. We also have 13 year old Tess with all the lumps and bumps of her age! Her picture that makes me want to bring her home and make sure she gets the dog bed in front of the door wall so she can monitor the yard while laying down. GLWR has 17 dogs that are waiting for foster placement, and they all have their own charms and challenges. I can’t wait to see who comes home next!