If not for them...

Great Lakes Weimaraner Rescue couldn't exist without the generosity and dedication of our foster families.

GLWR is an incredibly rewarding group to be involved with – I am amazed by how many dogs we have saved and families we have touched together as a rescue.  We take pride in being able to accept and place most of the requests we get for dogs to come into our program – whether from shelters or owner relinquishments. Our current numbers are double what they were last year. Due to the economy, we have seen a rise in the number of dogs relinquished due to home foreclosures, and also lost jobs. That joined with an equal decrease in the adoption rate puts us in our current situation, with an urgent need for foster homes. This is not just our group; many organizations in the pet industry are in survival/disaster mode over the last 6 months.

Currently, we have dogs waiting in kill shelters to come in – we are very concerned that we will not have a place to put them in time. We also have a waiting list for owner relinquishments which seems to grow every day. We simply have no additional space to put these dogs.

If you have considered fostering a dog, there is no better time! Consider your friends and family, might they be interested? Think of your own dog – many of them are with you today because someone was able to step-up and bring them to safety to eventually find your loving home. Please do not feel forced into fostering, but if you do have the space in your home and your heart, we need your help!!

Yes, it can be emotionally difficult to see the dog you rescued move into their new home. Our adoptive homes are wonderful – you will feel so proud to have SAVED a dog’s life, given a family their new forever pal, and also benefited the breed of Weimaraners everywhere.

To learn more about the fostering experience, check out Adventures In Fostering to see a day to day account of living with a foster weim. 

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, please contact us at: FosterHome@greatlakesweimrescue.com