Pre-Adoption Books

These two books will help you to understand what to generally expect when you first bring your newly adopted Weimaraner home and, hopefully, better prepare you for both the joys and challenges of being “adopted” by your Weimaraner!

Love Has No Age Limit

Adopting a dog who needs a new home is a wonderful thing, but right now there isn’t much written about bringing home a mature dog, and how to forge a relationship with something other than a puppy. We want to help you start this adventure off on the right paw, walking side-by-side with a dog we hope will soon become one of your best friends.

We know there are many questions that arise when you welcome a new dog into your home. (We’ve often asked ourselves these questions, including, “Oh, dear, what have I gotten myself into?), but we also suspect that you might be too busy to read a lengthy book. Love Has No Age Limit covers the most common and important issues that you might encounter, based on our own experiences and input from other trainers and behaviorists as well as shelter and rescue experts. We can’t both keep it concise and provide detailed explanations of every question that might arise, but included is what you most need to know during the first month after you adopt a new dog. At the end of the booklet we’ve added a list of resources if you need more information on a specific issue.

Adopting A Rescue Dog:

The First Seven Days

There are so many good things about owning a dog: companionship, protection and unconditional love. Dogs are also good for our health, with research indicating that people who own dogs have lower blood pressure and lower levels of stress hormones in their blood. But, owning a dog is also a tremendous responsibility.

If you’re considering sharing your life with a dog, it’s important that you stop and think before you leap into this commitment. A dog should never be an impulse buy, even though it’s hard to resist those soft brown eyes and wet nose, you are adding a living being to your family, a family member that relies on you for their every need. Th e average lifespan for an American dog is 12 years, and you will need to meet your dog’s every physical, mental and emotional need for his entire life.

Use the month before adoption to consider what you can comfortably off er a dog that joins your life. Spending a bit of time to figure out what kind of lifestyle commitments you can make will help you decide whether a dog is right for you at this time of your life, and will help you make better decisions on what type of dogs make sense for your family.