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Jira Links

Applications for dogs can now be tracked on the Great Lakes Weimaraner Jira Account. Jira (G-ra) is a tracking tool originally created for software development, but it that has been repurposed to help us keep track of applications and dogs.


Where do I Go in Jira?

When you log into Jira, the screen you will see will typically be the last screen you left off on. The links below will also take you to the different board locations.


Jira Filter Reports

Dashboard Reports



This is a map showing all our currently fostered dogs. You can see the map below or go to this URL to view the map on its’ own page.


This map is NOT automatically updated and the last manual update was done on 1/15/19.


Some locations have more than one dog being fostered. You can cycle through the dogs at a location by clicking on the arrows at the bottom of the card.

Clicking on the name of the dog will take you to that dog’s Jira record where you can view surrender information, current status, pictures, etc.


You can change how the icons are colored by clicking on the box at the bottom of the map.

Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 12.31.42 PM.png

If you click the Cog above the Status box, you can select Data View. You can then use the slider at the bottom of the map to view the records in text form.

View Dogs at Foster Locations in a full screen map